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Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan


Many SMB’s are so focused on the present that they don’t think about “what happens if?” They’re too busy working in their business rather than working on their business. And often times Business Continuity is that ugly duckling that never gets addressed till it’s too late. Part of our responsibility as the trusted technology advisor is to be the advocate for what clients should focus on.


Larger companies generally have extensive plans to protect their business from the impact of major interruptions to the operation of their businesses. Certain companies have to have a business continuity plan in place for regulation and compliance purposes. Whether it’s through duplicate locations for their processing, the availability of alternative work locations for their people or through extensive archiving of their company data, they have a strategy and processes in place to help keep their business operating as effectively as possible after a crisis.

On the other hand, small businesses tend to feel that they can’t afford to invest in this kind of “insurance”. Their view is generally that they will save the money and take the risk, and that they can’t afford these kinds of things anyway.

The reality is however that there are many steps a small business can and should take to protect their business, without it being a major financial burden to them. Something as simple as having an organized (and tested) process to ensure the completeness and accuracy of backups is usually the place to start. Another step would be to have a disciplined procedure for taking back-up disks or tapes off-site to mitigate initial exposure. Ensuring complete and accurate backups are usually the first layer of protection against a major loss of company data. Another is to take advantage of cloud based and online back-up solutions to securely store critical data offsite.

It turns out that biggest challenge is not being able to afford disaster recovery solutions, but rather simply taking the time to evaluate the different options, planning, and acting accordingly. At Tembo Solutions, our job is to ensure our clients are properly informed as to the risks and work with them to mitigate them down to an acceptable level for their particular business.

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